Yes to democracy, the environment and solidarity – no to the EU.

Youth against the EU has three main arguments:


  • Democracy

  • The environment

  • Solidarity


We want a world, a Europe and a Norway with a vibrant democracy, solidarity with the weakest in society and solidarity with future generations through a sustainable environmental policy. For us, the European Union is a threat to these goals. In the fight for democracy, the environment and solidarity, active nation states gathered in the United Nations is the only solution.


Yes to democracy

Decisions should be taken closest to those affected by them. If Norway becomes a member of the EU, we will loose control of several areas of policy that Norway today controls independently. The EU suffers from a massive democratic deficiency, and for regular people it is extremely difficult to affect the political decisions made.


Yes to solidarity

the EUs common trade policies hurt poor countries, and stagnate development. Outside of the EU, Norway has freedom to ally ourselves with poor countries and have policies that help these countries – if we want to.


The EU as a system is based on the four freedoms (Free movement of capital, labour, merchandise and services). This limits the rights of the workforce. If Norway becomes a member of the EU, we have to implement the Euro as our currency, severely limiting our tools for limiting unemployment and safeguarding the Norwegian welfare state.


Yes to the environment!

The EU system is built on economic growth through free trade. This leads to increased consume, increased transport and increased pollution. The farm policies and fishing policies of the EU is detrimental to the environment and the biological diversity.


An independent Norway is no guarantee that we will lead a more environmentally friendly policy, but it gives us the opportunity to do so. Norway plays an important role in international environmental negotiations, but as a member of the EU we would be bound to the EUs common policy in these negotiations.




Information about Youth against the EU and our activities.


What is “Youth against the EU”?

Youth against the EU is an organization for young people who wish to work against Norwegian membership in the European Union. Our main arguments against the EU is democracy, solidarity and environmental protection. The organization has members between ages 13 and 30, but most of our active members are between 14 and 22 years old. Our organization is not associated with any particular political parties, and we have members from parties all across the political spectrum as well as members who are not party-affiliated. The only demand we set to our members, is that you are against Norwegian membership in the EU, and that you are not a racist or a fascist.


Our events

Anyone can attend out events. You do not have to be a member of the organization, and attending an event does not mean you have to attend future events or be active in the organization.



Travel and expenses

Most of our events are free, or subject to a small fee used to cover rent, food and other costs. The state and our membership fee subsidizes our organization and our events, which is why these fees are very low, if they are there at all. Travel to and from our events is completely paid for by the organization.


What happens at our events?

When you attend something hosted by the Youth against the EU, you will learn a lot and still have fun. The goal of our events is to teach the participants against the EU and EU-related topics, and provide an arena for friendly learning and discussion. There are also practical exercises, for example how to host meetings or about speech and debate techniques, the management of local groups or how to write political texts. Our events have a strong social focus as well, and you get the opportunity to meet EU-critical youth from all over the country in a safe environment.


Drug-free events

All of our events are completely free of drugs. That means that you can not bring or consume any form of alcohol or illegal drugs before, during of immediately after our events. We have several participants under the age of 18, and drug-addled noise and politics do not mix well. The only exception to this drug prohibition (illegal drugs are of course always banned), is our student groups who are allowed to have events at places that sell alcohol (they are, however, not allowed to sell this themselves).


Food and meals

At all our events, participants receive food during the event. At overnight events we make sure our participants never go hungry, and provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and so on. We usually have rooms for girls and boys separate, as well as a mixed room and a room for those who want to be up all night / rooms for those who wish to make noise. During the night we have someone awake at all times to watch over the event and pay attention if things happen, and we always have separate showers and toilets for boys and girls.




Various events

Local events

We have several local groups across the country who organize various events for its members. In general, these events take only a few hours and there are usually no overnight stays.


Summer camp

Every summer, Youth against the EU hosts a summer camp outside of Oslo, for members all across the country. It normally takes 4 days, including the weekend. We host these camps at places where the participants get to sleep in a bed, and have a proper kitchen and sanitary facilities. In the camp there are political speeches, but much of the time is also used for organizational or creative courses. There is also lots of free time for play, swimming, sports etc. You do not have to be a member to participate.


State assembly / General assembly

Once a year, usually in January, we host our general assembly. Here delegates from across the country gather to elect our central board which run the organization through the year, plan the next year and discuss our organization in a broader sense. To participate in our general assembly you must be a member. Our local groups decide who gets to be delegates.


Conferences and seminars

During the year, several weekend conferences are held. They usually last from Friday afternoon to Sunday mid-day. We have these kinds of events both for members of the entire country, and for members of specific regions.



More questions?

Contact information to the central office of Youth against the EU:


Phone: (+47) 22 17 33 40

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